Conscious Fashion Design

the designer should not product more

As much as I love the industry that I’m in, Fashion is probably the most wasteful.
It is horrific the amount that we buy and throw away, the horrible condition we give away clothes when so much we don’t use just hangs in our wardrobe for years, the way we mistreat garments because we can buy more instead of fixing it and our need to get as much as we can with as little as possible. I’ll admit to these actions too but starting up my label has made me reconsider design.
Is what I’ll be making adding value to the industry? Will it be what people want to wear or what the media thinks they should wear? Will it suit the diverse South African body shapes? Will the customer cherish it and wear it? Or will she over-wear it for a season?
There are so many South African labels popping up each year but SA garment factories keep closing so are people buying proudly SA? Are SA designers quality up to standard? Are designers creating garments for our climate, our traditions, our lifestyles or just replicating overseas designers?…
Aiii, each day it riddles and makes me upset… but I just know fashion is my industry but I’ve realised we can’t keep creating mass produced garments the way we use to. Our environment, our economy, as well as your individuality needs you to think before you buy, how much you buy and especially look at that washcare label to see where it’s made!


Image credit: specimensofseduction


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