The type of designer I want to be | Ulyana Sergeenko

I really don’t understand why fashion designers after they have showcased all their months of hardwork in like a 20 minute runway show walk out halfheartedly dressed in all black looking “anonymous” or “neutral” to their collection. Okay I’m not saying take over the stage be big headed about it but I just feel that a designer unconsciously is going to be designing a bit of themselves in their work. So it only makes sense that they’ll wear their own creations (well except Manolo Blahnik nobody wants to see him tip toeing in his creations).

Ulyana Sergeenko2

Ulyana Sergeenko is probably the epitome of what I want to be and my label to stand for.

vintage unique ladylike chic

One of the reasons I started my #100daysofdresses challenge is to ‘live’ the brand I’m going to start. The clothes I want to create are going to be for every day. So I’m studying everyday what I want to wear for the weather, where I’m going, who I’m going to see, to try find the perfect dress around the things we think about while we decide on our daily outfit.

I believe that you should look and feel pretty everyday and not only for special occasions, take those Monday Blues, smack em with red lipstick and let it get lost in your gorg oversized handbag. Like Ulyana, she always looks put together even in windy, cold weather. (which I think it probably the hardest weather to try dress all ladylike in)

Alright so Ulyana is not trained in design or pattern making of any kind (She is a Russian photographer, stylist, model turned designer with a super rich husband) but I believe if you study hard enough you can become an expert so look at this lady she is an expert at dressing herself everyday. She was named by Glamour(Russia) as that country’s trendsetter of the year, so many other women who would love to look like her too (am I right!?) so she did just that and created a brand around her Russian culture and vintage loves. I mean just look at Ulyana’s grace, she’s never over accessorized, has a signature red lip with those pretty blue eyes and makes walking across the street look like a film noir movie.

I feel if a designer believes in her designs, that their creation is what we need to wear, then they should wear it too.

ulyana-sergeenko2 ulyana-sergeenko-8

Her debut collection featured clingy knit tops, quilted skirts, floor-sweeping greatcoats, and enough sable to swaddle the Russian army. “They’re clothes I love to wear,” she says. “But they’re also for every woman who wants to be beautiful.” Quoted from W Magazine

Ulyana Sergeenko

 Ulyana Sergeenko3


So not everything she wears is her own brand. Many times I’ve seen her rocking Prada, Louis Vuitton or Elie Saab but her distinct feminine look is always the same.

The essence of her brand is there even when she’s not wearing it.Ulyana_Sergeenko

Ulyana Sergeenko7 ulyana

  And if a designer doesn’t like wearing their designs then just get a celeb friend to wear them.

Natalia Vodianova in a Ulyana Sergeenko design
Natalia Vodianova in a Ulyana Sergeenko
Lady Gaga in Ulyana Sergeenko Couture
Lady Gaga in Ulyana Sergeenko Couture
Rita Ora in Ulyana Sergeenko at 2013 Brit Awards
Rita Ora in Ulyana Sergeenko at 2013 Brit Awards

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