The type of Lady I want to be | Jennifer Lawrence

In the last 10 years Hollywood has given us plenty of Jennifers to love. But one I cant help but be drawn to at the moment is Jennifer Lawrence.
I imagine she’s one of the most down to earth people but with her head in the clouds. I imagine her eating a burger (with fries) in a gown just after an awards ceremony.
I imagine sharing a quiet moment with her can be just as beautiful as sharing a laugh.


I’m all for women who are well mannered, sophisticated and elegant,  you know all Kate Middleton-like. But I honestly don’t think I will ever be so disciplined to one look, to one way or to one mood.
After all I was raised on a farm. Where we took adventures down to the dam and feedlots, climbed hill of maize meal and made mud pies. On the farm we never had to worry being too loud for our neighbours (also being Portuguese added to our loudness).

So as much as I admire elegant women I know I won’t be a full-blown wonder of grace. Which is fine.
Jennifer Lawrence with all her alluring beauty also has all those awkward photos we all tend to untag on facebook (too bad she doesnt have that option). She is so awkward and I love it. Noone likes being a newbie but I like that she’s not fake about it.

Well what I’m trying to say is. I want to be a real lady. With all my flaws from enjoying too much food, with all my awkward quirks because I don’t know everything and with all my bursts of energy because life is too darn wonderful to just sip tea.

Buaaah Bye

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