The striped boatneck half sleeve Tshirt

When I first designed this piece, it was because I wanted it in my own wardrobe. Image Yes I want a lot of pieces that I see on instagram daily but when I pin, all the key elements to a sophisticated look was settled in a basic striped tee… but dont get me wrong, it’s no ordinary tshirt, with it’s chic neckline cutting right across the collar bones giving length to a lady’s shoulders, almost pulling them back into an elegant posture… then the sleeves, oh one of the key elements so many retailers tend to neglect is women’s first rules to untagging a FB photo is if her arms look too fat and what I have found is a fitted “half” sleeve (to the elbow) can make the lady’s arm appear firmer and leaner.

Lily Collins – Marie Claire/Lancome Ad Campaign Photoshoot 2014
French gold chains and classic trousers with British quirky yellow blazer…Found on

Well then I started to think well this isn’t very South African design I know but with our influences coming from a variety of film and cultural backgrounds I felt my core collection should have a French background, especially one inspired by the great Coco…In my illustration I show how 2 of the greatest style changers of our time may have used my Tshirt in their own wardrobe…and the common factors these two wonderful ladies do poses and maybe you can carry with you! Image ***FYI Audrey was British (but because of the major parts she played in Hollywood we tend to associate the two, even though she was certainly an American styled ponytail lady, she also had her quirky British style to thank in the detail) I received more in stock this week so if you’d like one, email me lucygoretti(at) Image


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