Lucy Goretti rail at SAFW Ekurhuleni Popup Shop

Next weekend Lucy Goretti will have a stand at the SA Fashion Week pop up shop at Eastgate.


It’s going to be a surreal thing standing among 50 other designers’ rails, change rooms and fashion, in a mall I grew up knowing and shopping at.

15 years ago I started my journey to becoming a fashion designer. I dreamed, drew and read up fashion since I was 11 years old. My family and school friends knew this about me and I hope to see some of those faces next weekend.

So it’s appropriate to have a bunch of workaholic fashion designers showing their passion and love on Valentine’s weekend. It’s our way of making something from scratch, not just for us but for you to love too.

I hope to see you walking about to go into Edgars or Mr Price, and then change your mind as you see the Pop Up shop right in the middle of Strelitzia Court. It’ll be like no other love at first sight.



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