This is our labour | Fashion designer inspiration

I walk past shops in malls, filled with rails of clothes, red signs and blown up poster images.

It makes me sad to think what happens to these clothes, do they get sold, if not, what then?! What do I do with my clothes that don’t sell. Why is there so much clothes, where does it all go? and for what?!

I love fashion but I dont like the industry per say.

When I feel a slump of creator’s grief I like to watch designers I want to be, I watch videos to see what they are doing that maybe I can do too.

***Also if anyone knows where to get a Stitchery Frames & Floor Stand in Cape Town, South Africa, I would much appreciate it***

It all started with a pretty floral dress with flowers cutout and sewn on individually by Dior.

Then I watched the cutter cut many small pieces of fabric and then see it get sewn piece by piece to create a beautiful outstanding coat that no meer ‘print’ could substitute for that owl craftmanship of patternmaking and patience by Valentino.

Tonight I watched as beads were sewn perfectly in place by the millimetre, paint drying to become appliques. Layer upon layer of cutout petals to create flowers to create bouquets.

It’s magical to me and I hope when you watch these videos you feel it too.

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