5 items appropriate for a creative office.

The daily question that has a large majority of people, especially women, asking themselves, while staring in the abyss that is your wardrobe, “what am I going to wear today?” Especially if you work in a more creative environment, it makes it harder…

You want casual , fashionable, professional yet feels approachable.

If you are lucky enough you have a wide variety of items that can be thrown together into an outfit that’s oh so fabulous, but there are some who don’t have such a wide range of interchangeable items, like me. I think I have 10-20 wearable items of clothing that I wear frequently, the rest is for special occasions, or when I’m at home and I feel like wearing pants. My personal style at the moment is comfortable, wanting to be stylish and just look great every day and yet its feels so damn hard to inspire greatness from such a limited wardrobe “collection”.

So here are my Top 5 pieces, for your everyday plans to create no fuse outfits for ladies in a creative office environment.

Button Down Shirt

A timeless item, you’ll feel professional and more importantly can be used to create a simple elegant look, its practical when paired with high in waist jeans, or a pencil skirt for that feminine charm.

Lucy Goretti Button Down Shirt
Miriam Shirt R654

button down shirt


Oversized T-shirt

Feel like hiding in plain sight?

The oversized T-shirt is the way to go. It’s great to wear no matter the situation, especially tees with large prints, pairing it with plain turn ups slacks look professional and you feel great.

Lucy Goretti Oversized T-Shirt
Juizinho Tshirt R359

oversized tee


Skinny Jeans

Plain jeans have always been known to pair well with anything and everything.

Super easy to wear to the office, especially when paired with something chic and over styled, for

example, basic fitted button down shirt or bright medium oversized all over prints, the jeans will give you the power to get through the day.

High Rise Skinny Jeans Dark Blue
Spree – Skinny Jeans R545

skinny jeans



Is it laundry day?

Feeling the basic vest is too much for work or maybe that sequin sleeveless blouse is more occasion wear than office style?

Answer: Blazer.

Adding a blazer to a plain palette outfit or to cover a louder palette will provide a more professional vibe for the day.

Short-Sleeve Jacket Neutral Blazer
Spree- Karma Blazer R595



High Waisted Trousers

High in waist trousers, I have never really known how to pull the look off.

But I find if I pair them with a loose fit blouse, tucked in and belted it around the waist you can create your own peplum.

Wearing a simple or printed top or detailed belt also works to hug you waistline, so you feel cute and chic all day.

Lucy Goretti Harper High Waisted Trousers
Harper Trousers – R1092

high waisted trousers



Image Credits: LucyGoretti Shop, WhoWhatWear.com, Spree.co.za


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