Behind the Scene – Winter 2015 Shoot

Today we shot our Winter collection.


Having Robyn in my team now I was well prepared for the shoot, so there was no last minute rush to finish something or buy a prop. Thank you Robyn for being a super helping hand and creative wonder!

“there was so much talent in this room today” – Lucy Da Costa


The looks are more styled and fun this time, I find winter shoots more fun to style because we can layer a look, mix prints and textures. I’ll go into detail about this collection in another blog post.



The photographer was Lauren Bubb. What was a friend of a friend reference to build a portfolio has turned into a amazing colab that I always look forward to doing. Lauren has a vision of fashion photography on par with international talent. Her style can vary from avant garde jewellery shoots to my floral feminine shoot. The one role she always draws in her photographs are strong women. I respect and love that most about her vision.

Lesson from today “Don’t wear platforms on set”-Lauren Bubb

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The make up artist and model was Bia Ekstein also known as the Little Harlequin. She is a wonderful lady, full of life, love for animals and interesting stories. It’s always great having her on set. She did the makeup for my last Summer shoot as well. This time I asked her to be the model too because her acting and randomness came in handy for some beautiful quirky shots.

“Sometimes on set they tell me to put on my ‘bitch’ face, and I don’t know what to do. But now when you told me to put on my ‘I just want to eat carbs’ face, I knew that feeling” – Bia Ekstein

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The location was at the Pride Shelter Trust in Oranjezicht. It’s a Victorian style home and the ballroom hall has wooden floors, art deco style walls and a fireplace that we just had shoot. The high ceilings and window panes made the shots effortlessly dramatic. Thank you Jan Richter for having us!

“We have to shoot by the fireplace” – Lauren Bubb

If you ever need a location to photograph from, contact Jan. LIKE them on FB >>>

PhotoGrid_1425837013835 PhotoGrid_1425816606221 PhotoGrid_1425836229441PhotoGrid_1425847397517

Image Credit: Lucy Goretti Da Costa



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