How to fold the Jacqueline dress in your wardrobe

This odd shaped dress needs a special kind of storing in your wardrobe.



  1. First hold the dress up with the seam in front as the centre front.
  2. Holding it by the band on either sides gently fold the dress in half, bringing the band to the hem.
  3. Lift it by the band and hem to fold in half again, making sure the loop is on the outside.
  4. Face the folded fabric downward, so the band and loop are facing the floor.
  5. Bring in both sides evenly
  6. Turn the fabric bundle so the band and loop are facing upward
  7. Neatly fold the loop up and around the bundle so it seals the fabric underneath as well.

Watch a speedy video of these instructions here

“Remember the Jacqueline dress is perfect for holidays as it’s a multi-way dress and is just a wash & wear garment” – Lucy Goretti Da Costa



  1. It’s a lot easier to hang this garment, just fold her in half and hang in the middle.

Please do not hang her through the hanger so the fabric stretches in weird places, let her drape over the hanger bar peacefully.


Image credits: Lucy Goretti Da Costa


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