Why do clothes shrink when you wash them?

A few facts and tips for the laundry-doers and ‘green’ conscious shoppersclose up

There are two kinds of shrinkage.
Progressive shrinkage occurs when the fiber itself shrinks. Wool fiber shrinks a little more each time it is washed, which is why wool is usually dry cleaned
Relaxation shrinkage is when the fabric shrinks. It is caused by the tension applied to yarns and fabrics during construction. The tension is released when the fabric is washed or steam pressed, causing it to shrink to its natural size. Most cotton fabric shrinkage occurs during the first wash.
The reason that more expensive “pre-shrunk” cotton does not shrink in the dryer is because either the thread is treated to return the fibers their natural length before use or the clothes are pre-washed by the manufacturer.


  • Buy natural/synthetic blended clothing
  • Ask if the manufacturer has pre-washed the natural fibre clothing like 100% cotton t-shirts.
  • Use cold water and the delicate cycle of your washing machine.
  • Clothes that are made of natural fibers should never see the inside of your dryer.
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